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I hate the general public so much....

I hate, hate, hate, hate flying during the holidays. It's kind of like my boss says about holidays--they're for rookies/n00bs cuz everyone else goes out drinking every other weekend. But anyway....

I don't carry on much—just my magazines to get me thru takeoff and landing and the electronic devices i need to survive (laptop, psp, cell). While I'm waiting in line I've already pulled off my belt, necklace, anything on my wrist, cell, even my wallet, and placed them in my backpack. My laptop and plastic bag with life-saving Purell are in my hands.

When I get to the scanners, I'm ready to pop my shit in the bins and just GO—like a lot of people are. Why do I get stuck behind the fuckquat who has to go as humanly slow as possible—even unlacing his shoes about ridiculously slowly before having to remove the belts of his 3 fucking kids who were sent back by TSA for wearing the fucking chainmail you dressed them in, you fucktard!

There really needs to be two lines: ones for n00bz who should be dressed in fluorescent orange jumpsuits and the rest of us who understand there are other ppl affected by others' stupidity. Grrr!

But, uhm, hi!

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