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Game play is like flying toasters

I just downloaded the Battlestar Galactica game from Xbox Live Arcade.


I was kind of expecting a bit of disappointment from the reviews and screenshots, but whoa. The graphics aren't bad, but the problem is they're really just background graphics.

The game is actually played on a 2-D plane. So in the demo, you're just a little Raptor-like thing in the center of the screen shooting at giant C-shaped things posing as Cylon Raiders. So while you can see Galactica, the Astral Queen, and the Mining Ship, they're just eye candy from afar. You can't actually fly to any of them (at least not from what I've seen in the demo).

What makes it even worse is that there's no dialog. So when the alarms sound, instead of hearing someone barking status or orders, you get "Frak! That's a Cylon Basestar!" written at the bottom of the screen, which really sucks what remaining fun there might have been out of it.

I guess in the end, it's supposed to be a simple arcade game, and it accomplishes that. I think I still wanted to see something a bit better though. I wanted something a little more exciting than Asteroids with pretty wallpaper. I'm worried I'd get bored with it really fast.

I haven't decided for certain if I won't just go ahead and get it. It is only 800 MS Points, which at current exchange rates is only $10USD (MS Points might be the only currency left worth less than the US Dollar right now.. ZING!).

Of course, now that I've played the demo, XBL places it in on my gamercard. I always found that funny since you can't actually earn achievements unless you buy the game. But I guess they know that for people like me, it's going to drive me crazy just knowing is there showing 0 achievements, and I can't remove it. Frak you, Bill Gates! Frak you!

P.S. but the game does have barrel rolls.

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