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oh, vegas

So I was nursing my second margarita in the Mandalay bar, decided that I really needed to get up to my room to decide if I want to hit up the Gipsy again tonight or not. Realizing that I think I could take my drink out of the bar area, after all they serve drinks in the casino, I wondered if I could push my luck....

Me to bartender: Can I take my drink up to my room?

Bartender: Honey, you can take it wherever you want.

Me: I love you. Can I see more boob?

Vegas, your OMG CAN YOU BLOW YOUR SECOND HAND SMOKE STRAIGHT UP MY NOSE AND THEN UP MY ASS TWICE sucks my left nut, but your Leave No Alcohol Behind policy rocks my socks.

Now... do I fucking want to go out or what? The bars were just kinda boring last night. I'm finding it hard to find my motivation. Where's my fucking motivatioN?!?!?

Random AbFab moment:

It's Lacroix, darling

Tags: las vegas, travel

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