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My new boyfriend

It's time to admit it: I'm in a relationship.

All the signs are there. I get excited when the front desk calls to tell me he's left something for me. I love getting emails from him. He distracts me at home and at work. He never makes demands on my time or gets jealous. He shows up when he says he will (never flakes without letting me know). He's never let me down... Seriously, he's the perfect boyfriend, and he doesn't even charge shipping or taxes.

Yes, I'm in love with

Today (well, actually it was yesterday, but LJ's databases were fucked up), amazon brought me a George Foreman grill (20 bones, thank you) and the "Beautiful Thing" DVD. It's like Christmas everytime those little boxes come in. But ::sigh:: all my orders have been filled; there's nothing on backorder.

...and my credit cards breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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