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Email correspondence or "A look inside my brain"*

Upon showing my friends the link on the cool things you could do if you make your own flame thrower, one of my friends (whose parents live in San Luis Obisbo) wrote back and forth.

The thread:

Tony wrote:
Don't encourage him.. it's all I could do to keep him away from the giant propane tank.

On 9/11/07, David (that's me!) wrote:
in all the times you tried to entice me to your parents, you never once brought up the large tank of flammable gas.

Tony wrote:
Oh yeah.. every house has one. They don't have a natural gas utility.. so everyone has a giant propane tank within feet of their house. Actually kinda scary when you think about it.

On 9/11/07, David (that's me!) wrote:
Scary? Did you forgot to draw the smileys on the tank?


Smileys make tank not scary
Not scary!

vs. Without smileys
Big scary propane tank! kill killl kill die die die

Tony wrote:
We really need to take your xbox away.

*We would have also accepted "Maybe I should cut back on the caffeine"


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