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Calendaring woes

Why is it that everything involving calendar sync has to suck giant, hairy monkey balls?

I had a very (and I mean very) delicate relationship going on with GroupWise, Outlook, ActiveSync, and my phone. See, the rest of the free world has standardized on Outlook/Exchange. We use GroupWise.

Now, not that GroupWise is bad, mind you. It's actually pretty slick some of the stuff you can do, and I've finally given in and am trying to use it to its full potential. Where it lacks is that it has NO native RSS support (seriously, 2007, Novell... wtf). On top of that, it has half-assed support for recurring appointments, but then, so does everyone apparently except Microsoft.

Problem is, because GroupWise and Outlook only tolerate one another, they just don't play well together. Every like third time I sync my phone up, it decides to duplicate every recurring appointment (and randomly). Other times, it just decides it doesn't want to sync at all. So I need to dump Outlook. My poor computer is caught in the middle of this battle, and it's having a nervous breakdown—as am I.

I thought, "Hey, I know what I'll do. I'll use Yahoo-to-Go to sync up my GroupWise calendar with Yahoo's calendar. Then Y2G on my phone will auto-sync my calendar from there." That would actually give me the over-the-air syncing that I can't have because we don't use Outlook/Exchange. Well, Yahoo doesn't support GroupWise. And, let's be honest, Yahoo doesn't keep up with their products either.

So I thought: Google Calendar. Tons of software, none of which does what I need. They get close, but never go far enough. I thought I'd use CompanionLink to sync GW to Google, then GooSync on my phone to sync from Google Calendar. But, CompanionLink just flat out isn't working. While I was waiting for their tech teams to figure out why, I noticed that GooSync doesn't auto sync (it's all manual). If I have to do it manually, fail! Then there's OggSync, but it's apparently an 800KB app (and it just ignores recurring appointments at this time, which won't work for me).

ahhh... Fail.

So... I think I'm back to just going all GroupWise with their lousy PDA Connect and hoping for the best. I hope it works on WM6 SmartPhones.

I guess one of these days I'll need to give and just go Blackberry—our office supports that. I've generally avoided BlackBerry, because I don't see the point. But, they do say once you go Blackberry, you never go back.

Anywho. The conclusion of my rant is this: Microsoft, Blackberry, Apple can all take your proprietary crap and shove it up your asses. I want open source. OPEN MOTHER FUCKING SOURCE. Take your Exchange, Blackberry, iTunes syncing CRAP and light yourselves on fire.

THIS ENDS HERE, MOTHER FUCKERS! *draws line.h in the sandbox*


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