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It now officially costs $20 for me to wash my car (and this is no frills).

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I've still yet to meet a newsreader I like and will actually use. Because of that, I've pretty much just used LJ; but now I've added kotaku, which like updates every -3.2 seconds. By the time I click "back 40", I only actually go back one record from when I read last.

I wouldn't mind a desktop readers, like, say, using Outlook or Thunderbird; but each entry coming in as a "new", bolded message makes me feel as if I have to read it to make the bold go away. I like to scan my feeds, which works perfectly with LJ cuz I can just scan them between friends' entries. I'm trying to get into the habit of using Google Reader. Problem is I forget to go there, and the interface looks too much like that gods-awful GMail interface. Although, it works like 1500% better so I may get over it.

Doing a separate reader from LJ just means I have to remember to use it, which means I need to move more feeds there, which probably won't work because they sit in their own buckets and I need to be able to kind of read back as far as my brain will take me, then there's my normal Inbox, ok, well, my work Inbox, then my personal Inbox, then my other personal Inbox, then all my newsletters than come via email instead of RSS, then the pods oh god. too. much. information. information. overloa

0xEEEEEEEEEEEk    Data Buffer Overrun in module davidology


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