The People's Exhibit A (davidology) wrote,
The People's Exhibit A

Southwest Airlines sucks sweaty hairy nutsacks

Worst. Airline. Evar. NEVER on time. A band of rabid and retarded monkeys with fatal butt acne could run a better airline.

I just looked at the departure screen. 48% of the flights are delayed (so far).

I had to fly these butt monkeys going back and forth btwn l.a. and oakland a few years ago. we were usually delayed longer than the total flight time. Guess their track record for san jo is no better. *sigh*

I thought that whole asscrackery of no-assigning-seats-tardapalooza they insist on subjecting their customers to was supposed to make them more efficient.

Hate. Them. So. Much. Flames. On the sides of my face. Heaving. Breathless. Heaving breaths. Heaving....

I just wanna go home!


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