Jun. 25th, 2003
Bad chicken. Mess you up.  
Charlotte had another show tonight, so reposed and I headed over to Silverlake. The venue was called "Zen Sushi" and doubled as a sushi restaurant (surprise surprise).

She totally treated us to a new song that she's only played once so far in New York: "Steel". It's so fucking awesome. It's so intense.

The set, as best as I can remember was:

On Your Shore
In Parenthesis
Chasing A Shadow
(some cover that I couldn't hear the name of)
Everytime It Rains
Beautiful Life

Anyway, had a blast. Got another "I'm normal, please date me t-shirt" to try to turn into a tank. The set was great... the food, not so much. Stay away from the chicken! My stomach was not happy about that selection.
Mood: happy
Listening to: Charlotte Martin - Chasing A Shadow (Live)
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