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so NOW the Sun comes out...

So I sit here stuck at home, typing in my journal as the Sun taunts me from my window. I can't really go anywhere. My TV is supposed to be delivered "between 1 and 4", which generally means 4:45 (unless of course I were to leave the house, in which case they'd arrive promptly at 1:05).

It's gorgeous outside. I want to go play in the Sun.. maybe hit the beach or the Abbey for a little post-pride gayity. I took today off to recover from the debauchery I was supposed to have this weekend. It was unnecssary as the most debauchery I had included a bit of naked hot tubbing with a friend and random strangers.

The weekend was fun though. Friday was mellow, but Saturday led into Philip and Josh's party. Philip and Josh are great. They just bought this new house in January (yes, bought). So they're no longer pissing away money in rent like the rest of us do. They have a phat, phat pad with a huge backyard. They truly have the relationship to be jealous of. They dated for a while before breaking up when Philip moved to New York for a while. Philip eventually moved back to L.A., and they got back together. It's like a fairy tale, with a gorgeous house and plasma screen TV! I have nothing but mad props for the two of them.

Sunday I had planned to go to the festival. I picked up my friend Mikie and drove over to where some friends had camped out for the parade that had long passed. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a hold of anyone who was going to the festival. It seemed most people were skipping it to go straight to Gary's. I had a couple beers and walked over with Mike to a random party where I knew no one. I felt too much like a fish out of water and wanted to get to where I knew more people. After getting hit on uncomfortably strongly by one of the people who lived in the apartment, I decided it was time to take my leave and go on to Gary's soiree.

I walked down, ran into a few friends, and then decided I needed mints to mask the beer breath. Fortunately Drake's was nearby, and low and behold they did have mints. It wasn't until I'd opened them down the street that I realized they were penis mints. The mints are actually rather big (for mints, anyway). I soon thereafter (unintentionally mind you) find myself playing with the candy with my tongue, dangling the odd-shaped candy between my lips before realizing what I was doing. A quick slurp, crunch took care of that. The offending candy obliterated, my Id could no longer do rude things with the candy without my knowledge. With my minty-fresh breath, I walked towards my car. Not before some guy made the motion for me to call him, as if I had (or wanted) his number. I went to my car and off to Gary's party.

This, as with last pride, was hours of enjoyment chatting with friends and hanging out. Unfortunately at some point, many of my friends had left (or had found a dark corner), leaving me to wander around a bit making idle chit chat as I became almost instantly tired. Unfortunately the night before I'd hardly slept, and it had caught up with me. Making idle chit chat is difficult when you're tired. I made a few hasty goodbyes and headed home to pass out.

Now, here I sit. Waiting forever for my TV that was supposed to be here by 4:00.

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