The People's Exhibit A (davidology) wrote,
The People's Exhibit A

Is this any way to treat a president?

Is this any way to treat a president?
Is this any way to treat a president?,
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One of the perks of my Amex card is the "privilege" of access to the "President's Lounge" when traveling Continental.

I'm often surprised at the levels they go through at entry. Of course they have to swipe my Amex. Understood. They want to seemy boarding pass, because I'm sure people hop airport security and risk imprisonment just to get to the posh environment </sarcasm>.

But... You must **MUST** present a picture ID along with your other credentials to get in (which they veraciously scrutinize to make sure match up). One particularly irritating woman at "George (pronounced gawrge) Bush International", a couple trips ago, made me remove my ID from "the plastic".

Well, I guess the steps they have to go to protect themselves from those nefarious individuals who would impersonate others, risk jail time and massive fines, to get to this 4-star cuisine!



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