The People's Exhibit A (davidology) wrote,
The People's Exhibit A

LA Pride

The weekend is here (at least for me). I've taken Friday and Monday off to soak in teh ghey that is LA Pride.

This, however, is like the first time I don't really have any real plans. Normally, one of our friends is throwing some club at a venue nearby; but not so much this time. So, aside from a bday party Friday night, we're winging it.

The only givens are: (a) we'll be drunk, and (b) we'll be drunk.

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor—mainly because I haven't been in like forever. I've been noticing this fuzzy spot dead center in my right eye this week that's been aggravating the frak out of me. I assumed it was eye strain, my allergies, or a tumor.

First I got to play the peripheral vision game where you look dead on into this machine and click a button every time you see a wiggle. After a few went by, I realized that I was automatically trying to click it as quickly as I could after I saw it. Trying to remind myself, "It's not a game; chill," was pointless. Then she focused a laser at me and took pictures of my retina, followed by a bunch of other machinations.

Well, it wasn't eye strain. She said my eye muscles were very responsive (yay video games!) End result was I have ~20/15 - 20/20 in my left eye, but apparently slight astigmatism in my right eye (0.75??? I think she said?) Whatever the frak that means. She said I could just let it go and see what happens. She said it could get better; could get worse. But it's likely I've had it for a really long time and it just annoys me at times (like now when I have a sinus headache).

She didn't recommend contacts because the prescrip she would give me for my left eye is too low (I think she said .15 or .25???) so I'd only have them for my right eye, and apparently wearing one without the other is annoying. I dunno. I really was expecting a pill, eye drops or something and to be sent on my way. "Intelligent Design" my fucking ass!

So now I guess I'm supposed to wear the glasses whenever it's bugging me, so likely once a month or something stupid. Who knows?

NEwho... after trying on about 500 frames, I selected a pair of geek-chic Gucci frames. I totally got the n00b discount. By the time they added anti-glare, anti-scratch, rust proofing, and Lo Jack, it was $418 later (and this was after my insurance paid their $140). But I got a cool laser guided picture of the back of my eyes. All this for something I'll probably wear only a few times.

Worse yet, I didn't even get to leave with them (they're on order). bah! Then my friend tells me I didn't have to get them there, that I could've just gone to Lens Crafters with my prescrip. Like I'm supposed to know all this craziness! Maybe it'll get a little worse and then I'll qualify for LASIK.

Of course, now that all this is done, it's no longer even bothering me. I think it bothered me more in the office because when they cover up each eye, I could see the deficiency in the right eye, which bugged the frak out of me.

Hopefully I got the right ones. I think this is the model I got below. They're supposed to come in in 1-2 weeks. My eye is totally not bugging me at all now, so who knows if I'll ever actually wear them. I need Cylon implants or something.



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