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Show me the angus!

"Wah! I'm Carl's Jr, and I suck so bad I have to sue to get any attention at all."

I've never really cared for Carl's Jr. Food's always been mediocre (and often disgusting). On top of that, even if the company has tried to distance itself from its founder, I still can't help but remember what a world-class, renowned bigot Carl Karcher is.

But the assclownery apparently doesn't fall far from the tree, because now they're suing my beloved San Diego-based Jack In the Box over their commercial announcing their new sirloin burger (which is quite yum, btw).

(Article: Carl's Jr Gets Butthurt over Butt Joke).

In case you missed the LOLsy commercial (or you don't have JITB), here it is!

Apparently someone at Carl's Jr. needs to grow a sense of humor! dumbasses.

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