The People's Exhibit A (davidology) wrote,
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Did you know they have chocolate covered espresso beans?

Yes... they do.. they're in the kitchen right now... a whole big box of them.

They kinda taste like crap though. First there's this rush of chocolate YUM followed by this nasty coffee taste. I don't understand it. If they could get rid of the crappy, bitter coffee taste it would be great...but there is the initial YUM. My coworker likes sucking all the chocolate off the outside and then throwing the bean part away. I guess I could try that. I kinda want to go try another one. But I know it will be followed by that nasty taste. It was really bad.. Had to drink a coke just to get rid of the taste. But it's gone now ::whew:: I think I want another coke though.

I'm typing really fast now. And I really want more chocolate. Wow, I'm kinda amped. I think I'll go run around the office for a little bit.

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