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My New TV's coming!

My new baby will be here on Monday. YAY! No more discolored screens to watch. No more green people on the very left side of my screen!

Comcast will be here with the new cable box on Tuesday. Of course, I don't know where I'll be living by August since we seem to have run dry of roommate contenders for the 3rd room. So my excitement is tempered a bit by the fact that I can't really do anything with it. And the knowledge that I probably should have just waited to order it (but I couldn't look at that distorted TV any longer... and why should I put MY fucking life on hold?!?) It's more than a little frustrating that one roommate moves, and my entire life potentially gets uprooted. We're in a month-to-month lease now. Our next move was supposed to be to a house — not to another apartment. Now, unless we find someone in the next couple weeks, I'm going to be forced to waste so much money moving myself into another apartment and locking myself down into another goddamn year-long lease. So now I can't look forward to moving into a house for yet another year (but not starting til August!)

Grrr.. okay, I guess I'll stop bitching now. :P

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