May. 7th, 2007
At what point do we become parodies of ourselves?  
Years ago, I blogged this about LGBTQ suddenly becoming LGBTQI.

I thought we were done.

Oh no.

Apparently, there are people who sit around a table and get really, really bored so they just try to think of something to add. Why? I have no effing clue. But, yes, ladies and gentlemen, somewhere along the way, we became:


Did I miss a memo?

I guess my ghey membership lapsed or something. As I recall, when the Q was added, it was supposed to be a catch-all. Personally, I think when Q was added, we should have dropped all the other letters. Then we could've just become "The Q."


Anyway, they diluted the Q with another Q, which I can only assume is Questioning. My friend tells me the A is for Allies.


I can't wait to find out what letter we add next! A what point did this become ridiculous? I say we get it over with and just call ourselves ^[A-Z].


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gethenix on May 8th, 2007 - 01:15 am
::claps in agreement::

stupid idiots...
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Bobby: teh geyshouldvesmiled on May 8th, 2007 - 01:20 am
The only acronym I've ever seen is LGBT.
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matadormexicano on May 8th, 2007 - 03:06 am
i = intersexual.

yayness in the anus
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Markmahka42 on May 8th, 2007 - 12:07 pm
..what, pray tell, is an intersexual? i'm almost afraid to read the answer.
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matadormexicano on May 9th, 2007 - 02:36 am
i guess i didnt phrase that right... its "intersexualist" or someone who is born with both reproductive orgins. a heraphrodite if you will.

heres the wiki about it:
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Fu Fu: danny-dougiecrazy_trekkie on May 8th, 2007 - 06:53 am
Win or lose, we still get to kiss other boys.
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bryansecularzealot on May 8th, 2007 - 07:06 pm
and other things =)
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guardianmonkeyguardianmonkey on May 8th, 2007 - 12:07 pm
Totally fucking ridiculous, that's what it is. For one, I've never been comfortable being lumped in transgendered anything. I've got a massive rant at the ready if it ever comes up in conversation. Now this "group" I've been made a part of by birth includes hermaphrodites and idiots that can't even decide whether they want pussy or dick?

A total joke. Gays long ago became self-parodies, David. Have you never seen Will & Grace or any of the Logo channel?
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toenail: sharing is caringcuriousgeorgecu on May 8th, 2007 - 02:36 pm
Alphabet soup redux
:) Wiki is your friend.

I vote for the whole thing being "Q"
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JDean_81jdean_81 on May 9th, 2007 - 06:47 am
Here it's LGBTTTIQQ.

I've never heard about the "A" though.

Yes it's long. When we say it, we either say "L G B triple-T I double-Q" or "L G B Trans and Queer community", to be inclusive.

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sisyphus238: relate with mesisyphus238 on June 2nd, 2007 - 02:31 am
good grief!
I think they'll have to add yet another

I'm friending you, by the way, when I'm done here.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on June 2nd, 2007 - 02:36 am
Re: good grief!
No anal? fuck that!

This calls for...

Surprise Buttsecks!

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sisyphus238: Popesisyphus238 on June 2nd, 2007 - 02:41 am
Re: good grief!
Check out their atrocious website
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on June 2nd, 2007 - 02:44 am
Re: good grief!
wow... that's a level of self loathing and homophobia i don't think i've ever seen before.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on June 2nd, 2007 - 02:45 am
Re: good grief!
...not to mention DENIAL!
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sisyphus238: despairsisyphus238 on June 2nd, 2007 - 03:00 am
Re: good grief!
I know! I couldn't believe it. Another friend posted a link to it and one of his friends is evidently part of it. I just don't get it. There are enough classifications as it is without adding another layer, especially one that goes to such lengths to differentiate itself. Then there's the problem of how you fucking pronounce it!
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