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So I spent most of the whole night reloading my phone. Apparently I really pissed it off when I kept turning the radio off and on trying to get it to go online while I was bored. Well, after a few times of that, it didn't want to boot anymore.

I finally gave in, hard reset the bitch, but then decided that if I'm reloading everything, I'm upgrading to WM6 and I did. So I missed all the action and the collective 0xFU to the MPAA. *sigh*

Fortunately for Big Media, it's sooooooooooo easy to delete things from the Internet! Tomorrow, it'll be like it never happened. Send a C&D to Al Gore to have the whole Internets taken down? Hire Ted Stevens to park some big trucks to block the tubes?

Good thing they're sending out cease & desists didn't attract more attention to the cracked code. Someone at the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator is gonna have a bad day tomorrow. lulz.

Tags: drm, lulz

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