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Marijuana makes you pregnant!

I heard this ad on the radio today. Seriously, this is the crap those peddling propaganda for the new war on drugs are likely using our tax dollars to broadcast. It's quite similar to that ad with the boy and girl sitting on the couch toking, and then it switches to the boy raping her. Right, because marijuana gives you both the energy and violent tendencies to rape someone.

These ads are insulting to everyone's intelligence.

I don't think the well-intentioned morons behind this understand how much more of a detriment they are to their own cause than they are a help to it. They are so unbelievably out of touch with their target audience and quite frankly, reality. They can't even fathom that once people find out that you don't get babies from marijuana and public toilets that you are going to disregard everything they've preached as dead wrong.

They are idiots. They are dumbasses. They are what is wrong with the war on drugs. They are a large part of what is wrong with this country: the fact that people can resort to sound bytes, scares, and ball faced lies to attempt to manipulate the public. Well, my dear mental defectives, in case you haven't noticed that your target audience are quite cynical and not nearly as naive as perhaps your peers who elected our current President.

Now, I'm not suggesting drugs are safe -- by no means. However, each drug (including alcohol), has its effects and dangers. They're not equal. And to think that the one that is legal is necessarily okay and safer than one that isn't is to place a bit too much confidence in a law-making body that has proven itself to be ineffective at knowing (or even caring to know) what's up.

Their target, marijuana, happens to be one of the safer of the mind-altering substances out there. Of course it has its dangers: smoking anything is inherently bad for you, but one can't O.D. on pot as can be done on alcohol and other drugs. You most assuredly won't get pregnant as a direct result, and I highly doubt you'd ever have either the energy nor desire to rape someone while on it... and I can almost guarantee you wouldn't let someone do it to you (it's not GHB or rohypnol for christ's sake).

Idiots behind tthis shouldn't be allowed to serve the public, and most assuredly should not be trusted with public dollars. The agency who came up with this campaign, the jackasses who approved it, the copywriters who wrote the copy, those who did the voiceovers, those who wrote the storyboards should be ashamed of themselves. They have violated the public trust; they have squandered tax dollars; they have caused more harm than good. Now when they go to tell the public about the real dangers of heroin or GHB, no one will believe them. Why? Because they've proven themselves to be liars. Kudos.

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