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Freebie for Windows Mobile devices

If you have a Windows Mobile-powered device, from your mobile browser, go to:

and download the little Live Search proggy. It says WinMobile only for the time being, although there was a java version of the program listed, so if you have a phone that supports java you may want to go for it.

Seems a bit like Google Maps for mobiles, but I can zoom in more closely and the clarity is better (at least for Los Angeles-area, YMMV).

Anyway, worth checking out.

Also, if you are a T-mobile Dash owner like me (HTC Excalibur), T-mo will be offering a free upgrade to WM6 in the next few months. You can of course download versions of it now, but if you want to wait for the official version.... Anyway, nice to know they're going to throw in an official upgrade.

Tags: geeky, mobile, t-mobile, tech

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