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The Big Deal

I probably shouldn't even post this as it's like old news at this point, but I've been so busy that despite reading about it a couple of blogs, I never really watched it.

So this whole Snickers ad controversy. I finally broke down and watched the commercial everyone seems to have his panties in a bunch over. I'm really kind of perplexed that there was even a reaction, so I feel compelled to post:

Am I missing something?

I'm not even remotely offended. Even if I try to be offended, I'm not. I mean, I can see how a politically correct purist might be bothered by the gender role stereotyping, but to me it seems to be making fun of that machismo and homophobia.

Best I can see is that people are reacting because it made them feel uncomfortable. I guess I could understand if I were in a room full of family or something. I might feel a little out of place for a minute, but that would have more to do with my own internalized homophobia, I would think, than anything.

Of course, I wasn't. I spent the Super Bowl avoiding Super Bowl parties, crunk at Fiesta with friends debating whether or not the "IND" on the screen meant "Indiana" or "Indianapolis" and listening to my friend jokingly yelll "WORK IT, GURL" at the screen while others screamed "GO! GO! GO!" or whatever it is people yell at the screen.

Meh. Maybe I'm missing it. I actually found the ad to be mildly amusing. I mean, I didn't LOL or anything, but I did LQTM a tit. Overreact much? No wonder the Mooninites so easily took over Boston (and they're only 8-bit).

Don't get me wrong, GLAAD does some great work, but this just seems hell of silly.


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