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Mini envy

I think I saw the coolest thing ever.

A guy was in a Scion xA, in the left-most left turning lane northbound on La Cienega to turn onto Santa Monica Blvd. If you're unfamiliar with the intersection, there are two southbound lanes next to two left turning lanes, next to two northbound lanes. All of a sudden the guy makes a U-turn in one fell swoop. No stopping or anything. It nearly brought a tear to my eye.

I've never once—not even one time regretted dumping my mid-size car for a compact. My G is maybe only 30-40 cm shorter than my old car, but, without even exaggerating, I can parallel park into at least twice as many spaces now (and no more 3 or 4 point U-turns).

But, I can't do a no-point U-turn within the space of two tiny lanes. I have to imagine if I had an xA or a Mini, I could rule the world! Anywho.... I can't imagine ever wanting a larger car. Smaller cars just afford so much more freedom, particularly in a congested city like L.A.

In other news, I've been on a JITB taco kick ever since. Having a TiVo, I'm not sure why all of a sudden I'm noticing more commercials, but every time I see this one, I just crave those damned tacos—soy and all. Surprisingly, I hadn't had one in at least a couple years, but in the past like two weeks, I've probably had 20 combined. I forgot how inexplicably good they are. Jack needs to run for President again, this time on an all taco platform.

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