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We need more power, Capt'n!

Low Battery

Argh! I just arrived at the parental units' and went to hook up my laptop, only to find my power adapter is BROKEN!



Tried cables—even tried using the car/plane plug. NOTHING! Thought of opening it up, but I have no tools. No multi-meter. Crazy thoughts. Trying to figure out how I can transfer power from my cell phone to the laptop via Bluetooth. FRAK!

Parental units and no laptop!? No internets?! My pr0n is on this computer! DEAR GODS, WHY! Take ME instead!!

Panic... helplessness... setting in.

Warning: Primary power offline. Life support failure in 2 hours, 48 minutes.

Tags: tragedy

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    Protip: Don't leave your phone on vibrate on your desk while you're mic's live. To everyone on the call, it makes it sound like you just farted.

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