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November 7

As I sit here hours from the beginning of my Halloween weekend, before I leave work and head into fun, I realize there's an election coming up on me fast and furious. I hate being up until 3 am the night before reading the proposition issues and lists of candidates the night before, so I want to stay ahead of the game this time. I might as well write about it as I make my decisions.
Party Change
I'm a little more excited to go to the polls this time. I finally made my party change official and turned in the form. That only took, what, a couple of years?!? So I no longer will have to face the humiliation of being handed that dreaded pink ballot. It always felt like a glowing scarlet letter A as I walked, hiding my face, towards the voting booth.

First is governor. I don't think Angelides has a shot. Hell, I don't even really like him, and I've been pretty anti-Arnold since he vetoed the gay marriage bill. The thing is, truthfully, I don't think Arnold's done that bad of a job (outside of being a complete and utter coward on the gay marriage bill). Despite this, I don't think I'm going to vote for Ahnold.

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, "Don't be a one-issue voter." I don't think that's it. I think it's really more of a concern that, when pressured, this guy has shown he will cave to the religious right nutjobs controlling the today's Republican Party. I don't even think Arnold is against gay marriage, and absent pressure from rabid hate-mongers, he probably would have signed it. I might change my mind by election time, but I think I'm fairly sure I'll throw away a vote towards Angelides. To Angelides credit, he is a member of Equality California. I don't think he has a shot, but I might as well cast my protest.

Lt. Governor really doesn't warrant much thought. I'll throw my vote along party lines to Garamendi. I'd like to continue reminding the Republican Party how marginalized they are in California, just as they do gays nationwide.

Secretary of State. Both McPherson and Bowen actually seem like good candidates. I hate voting along party lines, but then the Democrats aren't the ones who turned the country into red vs. Blue. I'll vote for the Democrat, Bowen.

Controller. I'm going to go with the Times endorsement on this one, and keep it along party lines. Again, no need to hand the GOP any unnecessary victories. Chiang.

Treasurer. Bill Lockyer. The guy who had the balls to shoot a canon across the bow of the automobile industry when they sued to stop our initiatives to clean our air. I think he's done a great job as Attorney General, so I'm voting for him without reservation.

Attorney General. Definitely Jerry Brown. First, he's crazy (I like that). Secondly, and most importantly, Repugnantcan Poochigian is an ultra conservative nutjob. He's against gay marriage, and Equality California gave him a score of 0.

Insurance Commissioner. I'm going to vote for the Republican Poizner here. I've never cared for Bustamante. I think he's a crook, and I think he'll sell insurance customers out in a second.

U.S. Senate. No brainer here. Veteran Dianne Feinstein. She's represented our state well. Not that he has a chance, but Republican Mountjoy is an ultra right-wing nut case. Just check out his site if you have any question of that. The man's a raving lunatic and reminds me a lot of that rabid homophobe Peter Knight.

U.S. Representative. Again, this shouldn't even be a question for anyone. We have to take the House back from Bush. I'm voting for the Democrat, Waxman.

State Assembly, District 42. This is an interesting one. The Republican, Steve Sion is openly gay, which isn't really a risk running a district that includes West Hollywood. Nonetheless, in the current political climate, I don't trust giving Republicans any more legislative votes anywhere. I'm not sure I trust the wisdom of any gay person who is still a Republican today. The party basically has a platform saying we're second class citizens. Fuck em. I'm voting for Democrat Mike Feurer.

As far as Judges and Board of Director of the Water District.... Well, I just don't know. If anyone has a judicial scorecard of sorts, I'd welcome it. Otherwise, I'm just going to look at and do the best I can.

That's enough for now. I'll save the Propositions for finalizing my decision on the propositions for another time. Post your agreements/disagreements. You have a week to change my mind! :)

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