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So I'm up in SF this weekend... met a cute boy at Palladium last night... the cutest boi in the whole place. He was seriously the first boi I saw in the place when I walked in.. he was flagging on stage shirtless. I went in for a closer look and wasn't disappointed. Anyway, despite a few drinks and a couple hours, all I could manage to do was cruise by him a couple times until one time he motioned me over.

We ended up spending the night and much of Sunday together. I think I could totally get into him but of course he lives in Sacramento and I in L.A.

But... the point of all this is that on Sunday we were walking down Powell to Market holding hands. I'm usually not one for PDAs in non gay parts of town, but there we were. I was only able to enjoy in briefly as I kept noticing people look out of the corner of their eyes... some seemingly disapprovingly. If we'd been a guy & a girl holding hands, no one would have looked twice -- and this is San Francisco.

Why is it that I can't hold hands with someone without it being some sort of political statement or anyone else's business? Kind of annoying... Of course I shouldn't care... of course it shouldn't matter.. it'll make me stronger.. yadda yadda... blah blah. But sometimes you just want to be.

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