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TiVo Series 3: Dreams... shattered

So, TiVo announced the Series 3 yesterday.

For just $800, you can have a TiVo and the privilege of paying $12.95 per month (minimum 1-year contract). Let's see, $3 a month to Adelphia Time Warner for an HD DVR box v. $800 + 12.95/mo. Gee, I wonder which one consumers will go for. </sarcasm>

I loves me some TiVo (3 in the apartment), but at $800, even I'm ready to jump ship. $800 x 3 TVs isn't exactly cheap. For $800 a box, I'll just wait for something else—like the Vista Media Center to (eventually) come out. Then I can save on one of the boxes because the SeXbox 360 can be used as a Media Sextender. On top of that, for probably the same price as the series 3, the Vista Media Centers are full blown (and rather powerful) computers.

I think TiVo was already in trouble, but after this brutal announcement I think the death knell is starting to sound.

Major sadness. My dreams of the world being ruled by a master race of hacked TiVo overlords are fading.

TiVo was love
TiVo is was love.


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