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New Rule!

You must present your SAT scores to the DMV prior to being issued a license because clearly we've been issuing license to complete morons.

See that little stalk to the left of the steering wheel? Well, when you press up or down on it, through the magic of e-lec-tricity, a light or LED will blink to tell other drivers where you're going to move the 3 ton vehicle your tiny brain is trying so desperately to control!

Seriously, if you don't have mental acuity to operate a turn signal (or the spatial intelligence to understand why it's important), you shouldn't be allowed out in public, much less driving. I'm shocked you can tie your shoes by yourself. Did you actually find a way to score < 400 on the SAT?

Either learn how to drive, move back to wherever the fuck you came from, or diaf.

Hmmm... OTOH, when I get bored in rush hour traffic, I do love slowing down next to a truck so you get stuck. Then speeding up just enough to think you're going to escape, then dropping to a lower gear to slow down and closing off your escape. My brake lights never come on, and with my sunglasses on, you don't even know I'm doing it. The look on your face: priceless. :-D Does anyone else do this? Ahhh... It's more entertaining and passes time on my commute better than texting friends or checking email.

This concludes today's Rules of teh Road.

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