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The Real World: Paris

So far, 15 minutes into it.... no gay guy. Chris, the douche bag from Boston annoys the shit out of me and makes me embarrassed to be an American. Ace, the guy from Georgia, his voice reminds me of GWB, also embarrassing.

So far I like the girls best. And so far, no one I want to see naked....

OK... Adam seems pretty cool.... don't think I want to see him naked, but at least he seems interesting.

When Ace talks, I want to stick my head under water so I can't hear him speak.

Question is: will I watch again or cancel my Season Pass? Stay tuned.

oOo... the Irish boi... the Irish boi.....

he has to be gay. I may now have a reason to watch.

Final Thoughts:

Guy from Boston... Chris... still irritating. I hate this hair...seriously HATE it.

Ace... hate the name; hate the accent. He has his "awww... that's so cute" moments. Then he says something, and I want to kill myself. Then he walks around naked, and I change my mind. There's potential. Also hate his hair. He looks like he walked out of a Fantastic Sam's commercial. I know that house has to have mirrors. There's no excuse.

Adam... Adam seemed hella cool at first. Then he turned into this season's angry, black man. He may not technically be black... really not sure... really not important. But he's playing the role, and he is the darkest of the guys (which isn't saying as most of them are pretty pale).

Simon... well... Simon might make just this season tolerable. The mini-mohawk that I thought was so lame when it came out actually kinda works on him.

That concludes this recap.

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