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There really is nothing like the pungent smell of Barbecued Malibu in the eve. The stench works its way over here every now and then when the wind blows a certain way. It's none too pleasant.

Lest you've been hiding in your soundproof basement, the Santa Anas are in, and in with a vengeance. There's something spooky about howling winds. That's hardly a response I'd expect of myself since I understand what causes it, why it's here, blah, blah. But it still feels and sounds spooky! Can't help it. So anyway I'll continue to write a bit more whilst I wait for one of trees in front of our complex to uproot and come flying through my window.

The noise of the wind last night woke me several times (you can ask anyone, that's not an easy thing to do). Once, with such a jarring force, I awoke actually thinking it might have been an earthquake. The time was 3:26.. I remembered. Check CalTech.. no readings.. it was the damn wind. Back to bed. I awoke at least one more time that I can remember. The interruptions were killing what was supposed to be my restful sleep.

ok, as the ambien begins to take a much greater hold onto my faculties. (Case in point: that last sentence almost ended in "...hold on to my factories") Riiight. That means it's time for bed. Hopefully this makes sense.. Everything's getting fuzzy... ahh ambien.
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