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E3 card

So I'm lagging on writing this, but Thursday, before work, I popped over to Hollywood & Highland and took the subway down to the Staples Center for a very quick run through E3. Unfortunately, I had to be in Century City for noon, so I was literally running around like crazy.

I haven't been to E3 in a couple of years, and it's definitely much more intense. Blinking lights, video games and boobies everywhere. It's an ADD nightmare!

Unfortunately, most of my pictures didn't come out (you'd be surprised how blurry pictures can get when you take them while walking). I snapped a couple shots, which will really give you no idea what it was like, but, here they are anyway:


I was hoping this was Call of Duty 3, but it unfortunately turned out to be a trailer for PS3:


The MotherShip:
E3: The Mother Ship

This guy drew this on the floor with colored chalk (at least that's what it looked like to me):


yeah... that's it.

Such great pics, feel as if you were there, huh? :-P
Tags: gaming, geeky

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