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Britain is safe from the Germans... for now

Since getting Xbox 360, I haven't had much of a life.

There's Burnout Revenge, which is a series of games I've always loved, since PS/2. Of course, I have Burnout Revenge for Xbox, but for 360, it's just that much sweeter. I can literally spend hours playing.

My latest obsession, after being somewhat disappointed by Ghost Recon, however, has been Call of Duty 2. This shit is some serious bananas. I just finished completing part of a mission. My heart is thumping, and my hands are still shaking.

I'm going meet friends at the Abbey, but I actually need to lie down first and calm down. The game can just get that intense. The parts of the mission where you're advancing are just fun. The missions where you have to hold the line, though, are the ones that (so far) get way intense.

I never signed up for Xbox Live on my regular Xbox—partly out of not wanting yet one more monthly fee, but mostly out of knowing what could happen with my spare time. It's the same reason I never got into WoW. My friends would probably never see me again. Call of Duty on live is seriously addicting though. I'm being totally serial.

Although, I'm a n00b to Xbox Live, I have learned one thing: go out on Friday nights. It appears there aren't a lot of people online at 2 in the morning on a Friday night. It takes a while to get enough people for a match, and most of them seem to be 12 (mostly from other countries).

Not that I guess there's anything wrong with that necessarily—except for the fact that they can seriously kick your ass. And, although, I know I'm still new, it's still not all that comforting that the 13 yo girl from France got a better score than me. There are probably about 12 things wrong with that. I guess I should just be thankful no one wanted chocolate milk.

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