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Ahhh Ambien

OK I need to go to bed early, so I took an Ambien. It's pretty trippy if you try to stay away as it starts to take effect. I took it about a half hour ago... kinda weird it hasn't hit yet. This will be incoherent.. you've been warned.

t+1 Hour

the screen on my laptop appears to have been handwritten. Each of these smaller sheets arre placed on top of one another to make my desktop. Focusing it a bit difficult. I've been having to remove this show from TiVo. I forgot what it was. King of the Hill. Oh, look, it kept it. I think I was pressing the wrong button for like 5 minutes.

Maybe there's something on live tv
First it appeared as if my room was a different room in someone else's house.. totally different place with some same furniture. Realized the spooky guy isn't relevant to anythin

seems like another 4 minutes went by. i'm going to channel surf. I think that's what we were supposed to fdo.

I've just realoized that the project i'veenbeen working on makres nosense.

The TV seems to have been moved. It feels as if it on it's right is a glass door.. i think

I just walked down the hall to get somethijng. the furniture looked different. the bar & kichen had a green counter and the walls underneat were yellop
I had to think for a second... to figure out where my bathroom door is. I spot where it should be. But I ca't bring it int o focus. it looks like it's a mere sheet.
Mykeyboard appears to be covered in some heavy duty web like dust or some film all over my keybaord


the room does appear to be normal not mostly. except the douvet & cover\ are amiss. In its place is this cloth/felt blanket

i forgot what i was goint to say

i'm going to poke out and see if anyone's home

walking seems treathorous. It's moving in such a lost feeling. balance is definitely out

went on a round. th

wow i looked over to see someone siting by my laptop and th laptop being used like a bulletin board with notes attached to it (on the woiindow)
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