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The good, the bad, the lulz

The good
I love Cables for Less

My DVI to HDMI cables work perfectly. The best part, 3-meter long cables for $15 each!! The cheapest one I could find locally was a 1 meter cable at Fry's for $75! Of course, the equivalent MonsterCrap was $119 for a single cable.

Also picked up two-1 meter TOSlinks for $5 each.

The bad
It's official: I have a cold. I haven't been sick in forever either, but today my troops caved in and let the bastards win—and right before the weekend. I won't tolerate this kind of incompetence in an immune system. This isn't the Bush Administration after all. After this, it's fired. So if anyone knows of an immune system commander looking for work, I have a job opening. Also, unlike the Bush Administration, I equip my troops with all the vitamins I can procure so they won't be going in there defenseless.

The LOLz
Lame ass cop. "Jumped out of gear"... riiiiiight. 'Cuz automatic transmission cars do that. :-P
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