Jan. 19th, 2006
Hot dogs  
Last week I had a blast at The Lounge—despite missing Nicole Richie's boyfriend nearly getting into a pushing match with someone over who was going to dance with his girlfriend on a box AND despite missing him stripping naked and running around.

All this while I went to the bathroom.

I kind of planned to go back this week, but the germs seem to be doing battle, despite my fortified Purel and Lysol fronts. My roommate is just getting over the flu, and my coworker is getting over a nasty cold or other virus of some sort. I've been surrounded by germs. I haven't gone down yet though. I've been ODing on echinacea, zinc, Airborne, vitamin C—pretty much anything in a vitamin bottle.

Anyway, I don't think a night out drinking and partying it up will exactly be immune system enhancing, so I'm going to stay in.

Oh yeah, and to the title of this entry (apropos of nothing really), I had a Price Club polish dog yesterday. It had been way too long, and I'm really craving another.
Mood: hungry
Listening to: The Starting Line - Surprise, Surprise
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Z: Chinese Foodmrezkill on January 20th, 2006 - 06:49 am
Aren't those like "hot dogs from a high being" or something like that? Or is it only San Diego that has the kosher/jewish/hebrew ones? (I realize u said polish but still lol)

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The People's Exhibit A: droolsdavidology on January 20th, 2006 - 06:52 am
Yeah... but I think there's something about the way they cook them that makes them better!
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Kyle: PopSpecsgypsy1526 on January 20th, 2006 - 04:06 pm
MMMM - now I want a hot dog, reeaallll baaaddddd
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Markmillenium_spike on January 20th, 2006 - 05:02 pm
I find a night out when you might be sick generally to be a bad idea...unless there is some alcohol consumption...a lot of it. For some reason, alcohol seems to be a cure all for cold and stuff. lol
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driftwoodsun on January 20th, 2006 - 09:59 pm
The stuff going around right now is *horrible*.
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