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In honor of Apple moving over to the dark side (finally)

Of course, I'm just kidding. I really don't care. Each OS has its strengths. I just like to give the Apple cult a bit of a hard time because so many of my Apple toting friends are such "WinDOwS SUcKS AppLE RuLEZ" fanboys, I just can't help getting them all worked up. Then they can go relieve some of that stress by playing a rousing game of... oh, maybe Tetris or Solitaire. I'M KIDDING! I'M KIDDING!

Srsly, I'm happy to see Apple doing well (I do like that stock). And I'm happy to see them using Intel chips. Now, if they'll just add some more buttons to their frackin mice, I might actually consider buying one. I'm a button whore. My Thinkpad has 5 buttons, plus a touchpoint pointer, plus a touchpad that I can configure to do my bidding depending on where I press. I like that I could probably run a nuclear power plant, rip mp3s, find porn, and read LJ all without lifting my finger off the pointer.

Apropos of nothing....

I totally ganked this from randomimages the other day bcuz it made me LOL.

It's funny 'cuz it's true.
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