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Best Road Rage story EVAR

From stormi
Okay, I was just driving my Dad to the airport a few minutes ago so he could fly out to Colorado. There was a lot of traffic at this one intersection that crossed Evangaline Thruway cause there's only one lane that goes straight across as opposed to everyone else's 3 lanes. well i wait through two green lights to finally be close enough to get across before it turns red. Then I hear it, a siren. Now I'm waiting to see where it's coming from. Sure enough it's coming at me, AND crosses the intersection just as my light is! Didn't move.

Next the light does something stupid and just passes over changing green for us the next cycle... Thats when this big I'm a redneck and I like to drive big "fancy" trucks truck pulls up beside me to turn left. Now the light changes. I'm the third car, positive I'm gonna cross. One car... Two car... Big I'm a redneck and I like to drive big "fancy" trucks truck has his right blinker on and cuts me off causing me to slam the brakes just to avoid hitting him. okay I'm sitting on the horn while giving him the finger for like 10 seconds. Dad said something about "road rage". I was like "that fucker just cut me off cause he was impatient. CHEATER!" well he's right in front of me. we both turn into the airport.

I have to turn right to go to the front to drop off my father, Guys in the left lane "supposedly" going straight. we get beside each other for like 3 seconds so naturally I flip him off again. This I'm a redneck and I like to drive big "fancy" trucks guy is waving a fucking HATCHET, no lies a real red and wooden hatchet at me while showing me his teeth in some awkward glare.

Now this is the best part. The guy is missing two teeth one on top and one on bottom of his mouth. I start laughing hysterically and nearly crash into long term parking. Isn't this messed up. It's not over. The guy turns behind me and FOLLOWS me to the front of the airport. Well I simply pull up right next to the three armed army guys at the front doors. He pulls up beside me waves the hatchet again. Then I hear "DROP THE WEAPON AND STEP OUT OF THE VEHICLE" The army guys saw him and drew their weapons. I'm about to piss myself laughing. The guy slams on the gas to get out of there but one of the military guys is standing in front of his car. I told my father goodbye and waved. As they were taking I'm a redneck and I like to drive big "fancy" trucks guy out of the truck and putting him on the ground, I'm casually driving away. Now that is not something a person needs to experience before 9:00AM.

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