December 12th, 2008

dr tran

things i shouldn't do after taking ambien redux

Aftrer tonight, I have a couple glasses of P!nk vodka fighting with an ambien.

The giraffe (the ambien in this allegory) is trying to reach me, but it appears the pink vodka bottles have chained him to a sling with a ballgag and are just spanking him silly. he's helpless to reach me.

I'm unsure what to do. The giraffe seems to want me in bed, but he has only managed to make me feel a loopy. pink vodka on the other hand totally thinks we should chill right now. thinks his sister sky should come over and we could play some xbox, maybe chillax and watch a movie too.

the giraffe clearly seems compromised so i think i know where this is going to go.

oh well, somehow i have to leave here by 9:00. if u have any ideas in the next few minutes?, u know, send them my way. or if you see me on xbox live, play a wif me or send my ass to bed somehow... cuz damn. ? how's everybody durrin? and why is my keyboard fuzzy?