December 8th, 2008

grinds my gears

Oh for fuck's sake: Obama's ipodgate

That's it. I'm starting a new "column": Oh, For Fuck's Sake. This will probably be the only one. I'm sick of reading about Obama using a Zune... days later... still. gah!

Actually, I'm more sick of the reporters and the "bloggers" who say things like "geeks are outraged" or "the technorati are..."

Let's get one thing straight: using an iPod does not make you a geek anymore than using a Fisher Price My First Record Player makes you a DJ.


Any idiot can use an ipod or an iphone. That's the point and the absolute brilliance of it. My dad uses an ipod and wears his shorts up to his belly button with his t-shirt tucked into them, k? So get down off your iHorse.

Unless you're one of the ones running cron jobs or a web/email server on your jailbroken iphone, however, it is not... I repeat, NOT a measure of your geekiness nor give you the right to speak for all geeks, nerds, etc!

Running an unhacked iPhone != geek.

It perhaps speaks to how utterly white you are, but has nothing to do with your geek quotient any more than my getting turned on by guys in wet suits makes me a surfer, k?

So from those of us who were actually picked last in gym class: quit pretending to speak for us just because you can operate an iPod Touch and reached the technical sophistication required to sign up for a Blogger account. These asshats were probably introduced to the internet via AOL, so for the love of the gods, stop it already!

Thank you, and good night.

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