October 31st, 2008

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Please help

This election for Prop 8 will be close. If you haven't donated, or if you have, please, please consider giving/giving more. Out of state forces are organized and pulling out all the stops to end gay marriage in California. If this dies in California, it will slow down progress across the nation, and bigots behind this proposition know this.

Every little bit helps.

I've had the pleasure of attending a long time friend's wedding just last weekend. I don't want their wedding (or anyone else's) undone.

This is the latest No on Prop 8 with Samuel Jackson. It rocks, and people need to see it. The Yes on 8 people are outspending us. I see their ads far with far more frequency than I see ours.

PLEASE view the ads and help defeat this disgusting, hateful proposition. You can donate directly at the noonprop8.com site.

Here is a made-for-internet ad from Kathy Griffin that's equally awesome.

Sorry for the solicitation... but this is so fucking important—for all of us. The impact will be felt far beyond California. The bigots know that. That's why they're so aggressively attacking us here.

This proposition is very much in danger of passing. It will be very bitter sweet if we usher in a new day with a new President but Prop 8 passes.

From Equality California:
The latest Field Poll, released this morning, shows that our campaign ads are working. Now that we are finally up on the air equal with the other side, we have turned our deficit in the polls into a very narrow lead with 49% indicating they plan to vote no and 44% saying they intend to vote yes.

Unfortunately, the same poll found that 22 percent of those surveyed had already voted -- and that this group voted “yes” on Proposition 8, 50 to 44 percent. That’s why it is so critical that over the weekend we convince any undecided voters to vote NO on Tuesday.

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