October 17th, 2008


Saints Row 2: PCILF

Being a fan of the first installment, Saints Row 2 has not disappointed so far. The boys in the cut scenes have gotten way hotter; and the character creation has reached a new level. Although, I must admit, with these distractions + coop, I haven't gotten much of the story done.

After spending close to 45 minutes creating my character, and another 30 minutes choosing a cute outfit, someone on my friends list invited me to play coop. We ended up choosing to frolick around in nothing but our chonies.

We've spent the last couple of nights trying on different underwear, beating each other up, killing bitches, eating at Freckle Bitches, robbing stores.... all good, gay fun.

I must admit: it's all just a little too disturbingly hot. My guy is the one with the spikey hair.

Saints Row 2 Faggotry

Saints Row 2 Faggotry - these pink panties make my ass look good
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