June 3rd, 2008

boo hoo, tear


I'm pretty sure I have the plague.

My throat feels like death. I took an Ambien around 20:30 last night, and still woke up at 23:00 to take another half. I still kept waking up with my throat on fire.

This morning I was gargling and it tickled my throat the wrong way and made me cough. I saw stars. I had to grab the door jam to hold myself up it hurt so bad. I've been sleeping off and on all day between episodes of Voyager, DS9, and Peoples Court. I did manage to drag myself to vote though.

Fortunately, the doctor gave me some strong antibiotics (Go Go Gadget Pills!) Unfortunately, he wrote the prescription to himself instead of me, so I had to go back and forth to SavOn. I've only been sick a couple days, but I guess I haven't been eating cuz according to the nurse I somehow lost 7 pounds.

It still hurts to swallow, live. Eating is painful.

I really wish I had some delicious soup right now.

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