April 8th, 2008

Homer - drools, drools


I just ate both of my Beard Papas. One of those was really for tomorrow. But after eating the Cookie crunch puff with green tea, before I knew it I was practically swallowing the vanilla eclair one whole.

Sorry I didn't get a picture. There just was no time.

Really, that wasn't pretty. I had cream puff goo all over my face. Thankfully, no one came into my office while this was happening.

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Why is it raining in my bedroom?

I just walked into my bedroom to find the edge of my duvet cover soaked in water—water coming from the smoke detector. Then I noticed my bathroom rug was completely drenched with water dripping form the lights, vent, and coming down the door jam.

After a frantic call to the manager later, I found out the water's been going all the way down to the garage. Turns out the neighbors upstairs left something in the bathroom sink that clogged the drain and then left the water running unattended.

At least it's clean water. But... it would be hell of cool if it would stop raining ~6 cm from my head now kthxbye.

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