June 1st, 2007


Whoa, now, easy there Crazy Kyle...

I just got this email:
I'm sure that you might be wondering why you're receiving this unsolicited message. Well, when I did a search on California Secession on Live Journal yours was one of the names to come up and I thought that I should extend an invitation to you to attend the very first Statewide Secessionist Meetup, tentatively planned for the first weekend in August, to take place in Bakersfield, with the actual location to be determined later. If you're interested either I can keep you up to date via email, or you can keep track of any changes at the Google Group hosted by IndependentCalifornia.com....

Let's start something significant,

Okay, I do list "california secession" in my interests, but really, it was largely meant as an in your face message to the 59MM assclowns who are responsible for the state this country is in today.

I also believe I list "your mom" and "toiling under the ruthless domination of a master race of hacked TiVos," but I'd prefer neither to call on me plskthx!! :-P

Oh, I wonder what watch list I'm on now....

P.S. I reserve the right to revisit this if this country elects another coked up, drunken, megalomaniac with the IQ of a hamster to the White House again! I should save the link in case I need a bumper sticker for my car.