May 7th, 2007



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Okay, I know my little car has a big tank, and the Distance to Empty was showing ****, so I'm pretty sure the poor car was licking the tank to stay alive... but $70?? holy frijoles!

At what point do we become parodies of ourselves?

Years ago, I blogged this about LGBTQ suddenly becoming LGBTQI.

I thought we were done.

Oh no.

Apparently, there are people who sit around a table and get really, really bored so they just try to think of something to add. Why? I have no effing clue. But, yes, ladies and gentlemen, somewhere along the way, we became:


Did I miss a memo?

I guess my ghey membership lapsed or something. As I recall, when the Q was added, it was supposed to be a catch-all. Personally, I think when Q was added, we should have dropped all the other letters. Then we could've just become "The Q."


Anyway, they diluted the Q with another Q, which I can only assume is Questioning. My friend tells me the A is for Allies.


I can't wait to find out what letter we add next! A what point did this become ridiculous? I say we get it over with and just call ourselves ^[A-Z].


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