January 17th, 2007


*hides under desk*


(the fact that this song was playing when the kabooms started, NOT helping).

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    Anti-Flag - This is the End (For You My Friend)

snow in the motherfucking basin

i'll drive to the snow when i want motherfucking snow. no one called pinkdot and said we wanted snow delivery.

first thunder, then a sudden rain storm, then hail. Now... snow.

snow wtf

It motherfucking snowed in motherfucking Zuma.

Reports of snow flurries at UCLA and at the Ralph's, like 2 minutes away from the office.

this shit better have melted cuz my ass has to drive home. ENOUGH WITH THE COLD ALREADY! it's played. tired. over. done. SCENE!

stop it! now someone warm this bitch back up above 60 so i can go outside without my nipples cutting through my shirt.

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    Brand New - Jesus Christ
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