January 5th, 2007

Homer - drools, drools

Doughnuts: the other other other other white meat

Sweet Mother of all things pure and holy

So the freakish wind storm last night totally woke my ass up repeatedly as it kept throwing pieces of nature at the sliding glass door in my bedroom. The wind was also somehow managing to get inside a little bit, causing the vertical blinds to knock against each other. The thought even crossed my mind it might be hail, something I haven't heard since the storms we had in Spring of '98. But this was so loud, I thought El Niño was back and sitting right outside the door wanting to come in.

Well after being woken up again and again (and I'm a pretty heavy sleeper), I got up to look out the window in the family room. The wind seriously looked as if it was about to knock a tree over. On my way back to my bedroom to hop on the laptop to see what's up, I saw the sad, blinking light of the Vonage phone telling me, "ONOES! UR INTARWEBS R BROK3N ZOMG!" So... I grabbed Time-Warner Cable's number on my way back, picked up my cell phone, lied back down, and tried to get my news the old school way: I turned on KTLA.

The weather guy said we were having winds up to 30 mph, but that shit looked crazier than that. He went on to explain something about cold, north winds blowing into the area, the cold air expanding, going over the hill, falling to the ground, and racing down the slope as the cause. Since my bedroom window sits pretty much on the bottom of the slope facing the Santa Monica Mountains, this seemed to explain why things sounds so bad out there.

Anyway, this post had a point. Oh, yes!

So after this, since I couldn't go back to sleep anymore (because I was on hold with Time-Warner trying to find out about my internets), I kept watching the news like a zombie. At some point, they cut to Frittelli's, which I hadn't heard of. Apparently, it's this new doughnut shop on Cañon in Beverly Hills. Everything is supposed to be hand-made using all natural ingredients and "the finest chocolates," according to my new reporter friend.

Well, they had me at "do." Once they said "chocolate," it was all over. I kept watching as the bitch kept taunting me with her Chocolate Heath doughnut. I knew where I was going on my way to work.

Anyway, the point of this story is that, these doughnuts were pretty freakin good. I mean, it's a doughnut. There's not a lot you can do. However, I would totally rank them better than Krispy Kreme. I really wanted to try the dulce de leche they list on their website, but they didn't appear to have any, and I forgot to ask 'cause there were so many choices.

Of course, the true test of any doughnut shop, imho, is the glazed doughnut. All other fancy pants dirty mouth lawyer pants doughnuts, while good and often my faves, are just fluff. And... the glazed was very good; the chocolate was really effing good. My coworker has the pretty blueberry one on his desk at the moment; I'm very curious to hear his review. Good thing is, they weren't too crazy expensive either (I think about $1.25 for a nice-sized doughnut). Although, I can't really admit to knowing what the current market rate is for a doughnut.

Anyway, so the real story is: I had a good doughnut, and I'm really tired from lack of sleep (which may cut into my plans to get Rainbow Six today). The end.

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