December 20th, 2006


Watches - ganked from bender772

you know, i've never been one for watches—they've been obsolete since the pager. They're positively redundant and really have no functional purpose any longer except to the rare person who doesn't have a cell phone on him—a throwback to the 20th century that we'll soon talk to (other people's) children about as our great grandfather's once spoke of "pocket watches."


i could really go for a good watch right about now.

my gods, i've been talking a lot about sex lately. what is it about the holidays?

i've watched this ad like 10 13 17 times now. I won't be getting up from my desk anytime soon. I'll just refer back to this entry. weohwsfjhkejhrt ilwuerh2h24 y2975y

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