November 2nd, 2006


Halloween Vacation is over

My Halloween vacation is now officially over. Was nice to not have to wake up early for 5 days in a row, but that's over.

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Halloween was a blast though. Lots of parties and the carnival was pretty sweet this year. We got our costumes kind of at the last minute. I went as Jesus Tap Dancing Christ (Jesus outfit and a friend's tap shoes). Mikie cut out holes in a garment bag and went as emotional baggage; Johnjon put on a Sugar Daddy candybar costume (by far he had most of the requests for pictures). The only thing that was disappointing this year was that no one was really out on all hallow's eve. That was a bummer.

Anywho, there are supposed to be pictures somewhere. If I find them and they came out aight, I'll post. Hope everyone had equal amounts of fun.

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