August 10th, 2006


424 this

"To complete this call, you must dial 1 plus the area code and number. Message 14LSM3"

diaf, bitch. could at least deprecate the 1.


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Terrorism Hits Home

If I can't take Purell on the plane with me, then the terrorists win.

I'm much more afraid of the germs being spewed by rug rats and fellow passengers in the germ tube more than I am of blowing up in it.

Honestly, if you want to terrorize me, don't bring a bomb, bring a sneezing baby.


UPS == Santa

Yay! My t-shirts from cafepress finally came in. Now, with my new American Apology shirt, I'm ready to fly:

American Apology shirt from

That, and my Radiohead 2+2=5 (a la 1984) t-shirt came in too.


(squee!) my new Plantronics 655 bluetooth headset, which will hopefully not make it sound as if I'm calling from inside a Cylon's vagina—like my Sony (so done with Sony BT headsets). If this one doesn't work any better, I'll send it back and probably try Motorola again.

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