June 1st, 2006


Internet go BOOM!

Not that any of you is still using AOL mail, but....

AOL has just contacted us and notified us that AOL is having "massive internal system failures" and can not process mail. If the issue continues, suppress 'aol.com' users from mailings and then mail them later once the issue is resolved. We will be sending out an official communication shortly. We recommend addressing this with your internal email systems also.

AOL is requesting your assistance in this. The more mail they receive, the longer it will take them to fix the problem. Furthermore, your emails will not get in if you do email now as the emails will bounce.

AOL will notify us when their system is fixed and we will notify you.

This is an urgent notice and should be communicated to all parties responsible for sending emails for you.

"Massive Internal System Failure"

Someone's having a bad day.

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