May 22nd, 2006

o rly?

10 things meme (with my own twist)

Post 10 anonymous things about users on your friends list but don't say whom they're about.

  1. OMG I hate you. You've just been on my friends list so long I can't take you off.
  2. Get over it already! At least 3 other people have posted the same thing about you in private entries, and I don't think you even know it.
  3. Are you ever happy?!
  4. You post way too much.
  5. You whine too much.
  6. You're so vain.
  7. I bet you think this meme is about you.
  8. Don't you?
  9. Don't you?
  10. Actually, none of these is about anyone. I totally pulled them out of my butt without looking at my friends list (that was the twist). :-D

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